3D Bear Photography
by Hayden B. Baldwin


The following links will take you to a program called StereoPhotoMaker's Window Java Applet.

This is a program that will allow you to view the images in any size or viewing technique that is best for you. The Program will start with parallel images that can be changed to cross-eyed, anaglyph and numerous other formats for viewing so look at the top bar on the viewer when it comes up and select your choice of viewing. The program is set for 800 pixels wide but can be changed at any time by simply grabbing a corner of the viewer and extending it! If at any time you need help once the viewer has started just press "H" and a help list will appear.

The program usually will not start until after you have given permission to run Active X on your computer. You must also be using Java.or the yellow bar at the top of your browser, click on it and follow the instructions.

Cyclopital3D Macro Adapter (12) Cyclopital3D's ALA (5) Cyclopital3D Base Extender (11)
Macro Images  (17)  Lake Conway Dam (13)

Recovery of Human Remains (8)

Study of Light and Shadows (4) Petit Jean Mountain (18) Scenic Images (12)
Antique Mall (32) Miniature Circus 1600  (17) Fordyce Bath House Hot Springs, AR
Emancipation Park  Kingston, JA Branson Landing, Missouri  (20) Town Dump, Cave Creek, AZ   (26)
Goldfield Ghost Town, AZ  (36) Stump Grinder (7) Green Grotto Caves in Jamaica (43)
Mount Magazine near Paris, Arkansas Old Fort, Port Royal Jamaica (14) Clouds taken from a plane
HDR Practice Images (6) Cliff House Inn Jasper, AR (17) Woodland Palace (40)
Kewanee Historical Society Museum (30) NSA 2011 Convention (60) 3D IR Images
3D IR Panorama (single mage) NSA 2012 Convention (48)  

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